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Letchworth State Park


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Gorge Trail - 7 miles

Letchworth State Park is known by many as "the Grand Canyon of the East". The Genesee River twists and winds through this area, surrounded on either side by the 600 foot high walls of the Genesee Gorge.

Although there are 26 hiking trails in the park, I recommend the Gorge Trail for a first time visit. The 7 mile trail follows the edge of the gorge and offers some of the most breathtaking views in the park. It is a straight 7 miles, not a loop, so you will need two vehicles parked at each end,  unless you have the time and energy for a 14-mile round-trip.

When we hiked the Gorge Trail in June 1998, we chose 3 miles of the prettiest section, where the Genesee River flows over three magnificent waterfalls. Beginning at the Upper Falls, we hiked along the gorge's edge to just before the Lower Falls, then retraced our steps back to the car (totaling six miles).

Reservations: Call 1-800-456-CAMP


  • Along the Genesee River, 35 miles south of Rochester, Exit 7 Interstate 390.

Contact Information:

1 Letchworth State park

Castile, NY 14427

Phone: (585) 493 3600
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More detailed information about the Gorge Trail is on Gorp.com.

View a topographic map of Letchworth State Park

Learn the Legends at Letchworth State Park -- The legend of Mon-a-sha-sha, a young Seneca bride who perished, with her child, in Letchworth Gorge.

The Genesee River Drainage Basin, Gorge, and Mount Morris Dam -- A good article by Clearwater Magazine

Photos by Karl Weir, June 1998.

Archery Overlook at Letchworth State Park
Archery Overlook


Upper Falls at Letchworth State Park
Upper Falls

View of Middle and Upper Falls
View of Middle and Upper Falls

Middle Falls
Middle Falls

Another view of the Middle Falls.
Another view of the Middle Falls.

Middle Falls
Middle Falls


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